Services We Provide

  • US Government Registration – RTD team will register your company within the various mandatory US Government systems. We understand the registration process can be a tedious and painstaking process. We will handle the registrations as well as the annual review process and ensure your organization remains compliant as regulations change.
  • Business Development – RTD teams operate as an extension of a client’s business development efforts. Researchers identify and qualify upcoming opportunities and provide intelligence including project history, value, decision-maker backgrounds, potential competitors, budget timelines and more. Consultants and subject matter experts weigh in with advice, guidance, meeting facilitation, advocacy and assistance. Procurement teams use their vast professional and personal networks to help position clients and maintain long-term relationships with public officials and existing customers.
  • Winning Proposals – RTD strategists guide clients through every step of the procurement process including development of winning proposals. Assistance is provided related to partner and sub contractor selections, proposal review, oral preparation, and BAFO negotiations.
  • Post Award Requirements – After contract award, RTD can assist your company with the many post award requirements which are normally due prior to receiving your contract notice to proceed. Let us take that burden off your hands while you focus on execution.
  • Invoicing & Payment – RTD will ensure your company is paid within thirty (30) days from receipt of invoice to the US Government…YES! 30 days receipt of payment. We will guide you through the invoicing process.
  • Advocacy – Consultants with decades of experience and credibility actively represent clients with public officials at every level of government.
  • Networking – RTD consultants make introductions, attend events with clients, host special events and continually facilitate networking opportunities for clients.